The DisplayMax Commitment

Commitment To 100% Compliance Execution in Every Project at Every Location

The DisplayMax Commitment

Every merchandising company claims to provide execution, but when it comes down to it, few can provide the high standards you are really searching for. For 23 years, DisplayMax has been providing merchandising services that are focused on 100% execution.

"The key reason for our success is that we always begin a project by first understanding your objectives and expectations," says Charlie Domen, President of DisplayMax. "We want to know what success look like to you and do everything we can to achieve it."

"It's really simple...we take the time to care."

We don't succeed unless our clients enjoy a successful, completed project. The reasons for our success in providing merchandising solutions are found in several key principles:

  • Accountability– proactive response to planning and onsite challenges
  • Commitment – to long term quality over short term profit
  • Efficiency – keeping costs within projections
  • Experienced Professionals – knowledgeable, motivated workforce
  • Flexibility – accommodating changes to improve quality

The key reason DisplayMax is able to keep such a satisfied client base is because we adhere to these principles and do our own work. We do not sub out our projects to other companies or rely on temp agencies as a work force. Our staff is a team and we always supply the quality work force that our customers purchase and we are constantly striving to improve our performance in these key areas.

Our objective on every merchandising project is to finish on time and on budget. Poor execution at the store level can cost your program thousands, if not millions, of dollars. That is why we approach every merchandising project as your partner and not just another vendor. From the most complex store remodel to intricate display installations to simple POP placement for 1,000's of stores we have the experience, flexibility and resources to get the job done.

Discover a Difference in Retail Merchandising Services

Our focus is on 100% excution of your project. If this what you are looking for instead of "phantom execution" because a rep falsified their reports, call us to discuss real solutions. You need to get product on the shelf, fixtures installed and displays assmebled we are your partner. We start by discussing the specifics of your initiative and uncover the "Merchandising Choke Points" that can be costly to your compliance rate and cost you money. Learn more from our Free Merchandising Report.


The reset team sent to complete our store was excellent. The are the first reset team I have worked with in 3 years that did not have to be reminded to clean shelves!

Store Manager