Merchandising Choke Points

New Report Examines Key Execution Issues That Drive Your In-Store Merchandising Success

Merchandsing Choke Points Report

Launching an in-store merchandising initiative is a hugely expensive undertaking. From research to concept to design to construction it takes months of careful planning and execution.

This free report entitled, “How to Recognize and Avoid Your In-Store Merchandising Choke Points” looks at potential complications that have a negative affect when executing retail merchandising programs at the store level. In it, you will discover the ten critical areas that you must address before initiating their next program.

An unexpected choke point can be the difference between merchandising success, mediocrity or failure.

This report delves into execution related problems and provides solutions for the most common “choke point” areas:

  • Project critical path and scope of work
  • Store survey accuracy issues
  • Store management pushback
  • Material logistics and timing complications
  • Location and construction roadblocks
  • Change order notifications and approvals
  • Third party services capabilities

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