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Providing What You Really Need...Solutions for Your Merchandising Execution

Merchandising Services - Fixture Install

Every merchandising company claims to provide it, but when it comes down to it few can provide the merchandising solutions you are really searching for. For almost 20 years in the merchandising services industry, we have been providing merchandising solutions that work. The key reason for our success is that we always start by first understanding the objectives, challenges and desired results of your project.

Simply put...We take the time to care.

We don't succeed unless our clients are successful and that starts from the moment we discuss your project. The reasons for our success in providing merchandising solutions are found in several key principles:

• Accountability – proactive response to planning and onsite challenges
• Commitment – to long term quality over short term profit
• Efficiency – keeping costs within projections
• Experienced Professionals – knowledgeable, motivated workforce
• Flexibility – accommodating changes to improve quality

The main reasons DisplayMax is able to keep such a satisfied client base is because we adhere to these principles and do our own work. We do not sub our projects out to other companies or rely on temp agencies as a work force. Our staff is a team and we always supply the quality work force that our customers purchase and we are constantly striving to improve our performance in these key areas.

Merchandising Services We Provide

Here are examples of some of the merchandising services we provide for many of the top retailers and product manufactures:

Every store merchandising project is unique. Our goal for each is to execute it to meet highest standards and get your back to selling fast. You invest a great deal of time and money designing and executing your store setups, remodels and resets, you deserve a merchandising company that will invest the time to train their merchandisers and help you manage the project accurately and efficiently.

Choose DisplayMax Merchandising Services to be your partner in execution and find out how we can make a difference to your bottom line. Call us today at 810-494-0400.

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