P.O.P Display Printing and Installation

Superior Execution and Compliance for Your P.O.P. Display Programs

P.O.P. Display Systems

Well executed Point-of-Purchase initiatives can be a huge shot in the arm for you sales. Unfortunately, most programs fall short of expectations due of poor in-store compliance execution.

You may have the greatest offer, fantastic graphics and ground breaking advertising but when the P.O.P fails to reach the sales floor, you are leaving money on the table.

DisplayMax has partnered with Landaal Packaging to offer a complete solution to increase the success of your next P.O.P program. If you are using any of the following displays, this program is for you:

  • Merchandisers
  • Counter Toppers
  • End Cap Displays
  • Character Standees
  • Pallet Displays

This innovative solution that can substantially improve the revenue line on your in-store promotional programs. It’s called the Turn-Key Display System.

We execute all aspects of the program from design and printing, to fulfillment and delivery, to installation and follow-up maintenance at the store. With our printing partners at Landaal, we handle of all the details of program execution from begining to end. You only need to provide the concept, schedule and store location list!

Learn How the Turn-Key Display System Can Boost Your POP ROI

A recent retail Industry survey of merchandising executives revealed that over one-third say their in-store P-O-P execution compliance rate is below 75%. Another 29% admit they “have no idea” what their compliance rate is. If you are in this group, click on the link below!