Fixture & Gondola Mobilization

Mobilizing Your Fixtures and Gondolas Saves Time and Money

Fixture Mobilization and Relocation

When your store reset or renovation requires relocating fixtures and gondolas DisplayMax has a quick and affordable solution. Let us skate them for you!

Our teams have the equipment and expertise to move large sections of floor gondola that are fully stocked with merchandise. We can mobilize any section lengths from 8' to over 60' runs.

The benefits of skating your fully loaded fixtures include:

  • Avoid Unloading and Re-merchandising Fixtures
  • Significantly Reduce Labor Costs
  • Fast and Efficient Mobilization Process
  • Avoid Missing Bin and Pricing Tags
  • Avoid Damaged Product and Packaging
  • Move Any Size Section Run of Gondolas

An entire store of fixtures can be mobilized and relocated in a few hours. Our teams can execute a move overnight when the store is closed to avoid any disruption to your sales. We can also perform any product resets and planogram updates to your merchandise as part of broader initiative or store remodel.

We also own our mobilization equipment so we don't need to wait for rented units like many merchandising companies. This allows us to meet your scheduled deadlines by quickly getting in and out of the store.

Call DisplayMax to Mobilize and Relocate Your Fixtures and Gondolas

Mobilizing fixtures in a fully set store is a task that you should entrust only to an experienced in-store merchandising company. Our team of professionals have moved miles of full gondolas in many different retail store environments. We have our own equipment and can coordinate with your schedule to save you time and money.